Chisé Hinamori

"I was a ticking time bomb. It was only a matter of time before my powers evolved too much...and I would have burned up from the inside."

Caution, the song may be loud.


Full Name: Chisé Yuko Hinamori
(Chee • say He • nah • more • ee)
Race: AuRa (Raen)
Age: 25 Summers
Nameday: 8th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon (5/8)
Deity: Unsure
Birthplace: Yedlihmad, Thavnair
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Heterosexual
Known Associations: The Arcanist's Guild, The Alchemist's Guild, The Compendium, Elvant Suviere
Current Occupation: Apprentice, Alchemist, Mage
Main Class: Summoner, Sage*, Alchemist
*Not canon as of yet.


Sekimé Hinamori: (Biological Mother; Deceased)
Arjun Singh: (Biological Father; Deceased)

& Dislikes

✔️ Singing
✔️ Playing the lute & violin
✔️ Dancing
✔️ Reading
✔️ Meat and fruits
✔️ Rain/Thunderstorms
✔️ Traveling
✔️ Wine
❌ Tight spaces (Claustrophobia)
❌ Combat (if avoidable)
❌ Big, poofy dresses
❌ Large, deep bodies of water
❌ Being cold
❌ Having the Echo
❌ Being babied/mollycoddled
❌ Most veggies
❌ Airships (Aerophobia)


• Neutral Good alignment
• Can't swim
• Can show people memories or absorb memories from them via skin contact at random. (The Echo)
• Fluent in Eorzean, Thavnairian, and Eorzean Sign Language
• Studious
• Overly observant
• Often expects too much of herself
• Diplomatic
• Honest, transparent - sometimes to a fault
• Shy around new people; easily flustered
• A magic circle of some kind on the top of her left hand; looks like a faded scar most of the time, but sometimes under certain circumstances, it will glow a stark black
• Smells of Lilac and Rolanberries due to her perfume

Her Story Thus Far...

Born in Thavnair, Chisé spent much of her childhood helping her parents run their merchant's stall. Her mother, a gifted Alchemist, would sell various concoctions alongside her husband Arjun, who sold furs and the meat of various animals and creatures. Sekimé was also a technically trained dancer, and she taught Chisé in her spare time. When she was old enough, her father gifted her a bow, helping her learn to use it and teaching her how to hunt and track pray that her parents would then sell at their stall. Arjun and Chisé had an incredibly close bond; in addition to teaching her how to wield a bow, she learned to sing from mimicking him. On days where it seemed that their future was uncertain or bleak, Arjun would sing to her (see song above). Soon, it became their anthem when days were hard.After a few years, her father fell incredibly ill to a mysterious illness, growing weaker and weaker as the year went on, and passing away just before the Starlight Celebration before his wife could synthesize a cure for it. Chisé held his hand as he pleaded for her to chase her passions and to not let anything leash her. With tears in her eyes, she sang their song to him as he passed away.The loss had been hard on Sekimé; she started to struggle to make ends meet, sometimes barely having enough Gil to keep them fed. Chisé eventually decided to hunt animals full-time instead of helping at their merchant's stall to try and ease that burden, but it seemed to only make it worse for her mother. Sekimé became resentful of Chisé, and irrationally blamed her for her father's death. The two Summers following Arjun's death had started to strain their relationship badly, though Chisé had always tried to repair it.Two weeks after Chisé's thirteenth Nameday, Sekimé ended her life in front of her daughter after uttering the words "I never should have given birth to you."Now an orphan, Chisé heeds her father's advice and travels to Sharlayan, taking up work as a Gleaner to help her make Gil. In her spare time, she studied at the Studium to learn anything she could about the world outside Thavnair. On numerous occasions, Chisé would start to get incredibly painful headaches, occasionally passing out because of them. One day during a hunt with her friend Allric, a fellow Gleaner, she experiences one of these headaches, and absorbs a memory from Allric when his fingers touch her bare arm. Allric managed to carry Chisé to a safe spot until she snapped out of her trance. She confides in him, telling him about the memory she'd seen of him, and Allric is speechless at the vivid way she described a memory that he'd never told her about to him. Allric openly shunned her after that, unaware that Chisé harbored romantic feelings toward him.Chisé started to drown herself in her studies in her spare time, though she eventually starts to notice strange phenomena happening around her; lights in her home would dim or sometimes explode, glass bottles would shatter, or various objects would get tossed around. With a heavy heart, she deems herself too unstable to continue working as a Gleaner, and after talking with one of her professors at the Studium, she boards a ship headed for Limsa Lominsa at his suggestion to study at the Arcanist's Guild.During her time there, she meets Elvant Suviere, a powerful Summoner who eventually decides to take Chisé as his apprentice, teaching her how to better control her magical capabilities while teaching she perfected her own alchemical skills.Currently, Chisé is still a Summoner-in-training and makes potions to sell at her Alchemy shop: The Compendium. She also occasionally takes up the odd escort/bodyguard jobs from time to time.Those that have seen her in public or visited the shop may have seen her with a mysterious-looking Viera with black hair and crimson eyes. While some people are captivated by his beauty, others are slightly unnerved at the vibrancy of them, and some have sworn that they seem to glow...
(See: Yrys Selnir )

RP Hooks

• Music/Dance •
Chisé loves to sing and is a very technically trained dancer! If you see or hear her doing either, feel free to approach!
• Thavnair •
Chisé is the daughter of a well-known apothecary and hunter in Yedlihmad, where she spent most of her early life up until the deaths of her parents. (Please ask first before using this approach.)
• The Studium/Gleaners •
Mayhaps you've recognized Chisé from her time as a Gleaner or as a classmate from the Studium!
• The Mark •
On the top of Chisé's left hand resides a magic circle that normally looks like a faded scar, though sometimes, it glows a stark black. She may or may not be willing to tell you the story behind it.
• Her Services •
Chisé excels at Alchemy, so if you're looking for an Alchemist to brew you a potion, just ask! Chisé also does bodyguard/escort work!
• The Arcane Arts •
If you've studied at the Arcanist's Guild, chances are you've seen Chisé visiting on occasion with her master on her journey to become a powerful Summoner!
• The Witch of Ishgard •
Chisé's shop, The Compendium, is located in Ishgard! Perhaps you've seen her in the marketplace buying supplies or passed by the shop on a stroll through the Empyreum! The people of Ishgard who do not approve of her presence have given her the nickname "The Witch of Ishgard", and there are many rumors that circulate about her.

Behind the Character

Player is 27 Female with over 8 years of RP experience. I prefer para-posting, but will most of the time mirror who I RP with.I am NOT looking to RP with...• Anyone under the age of 18 (21+ preferable)• People that RP as the Warrior of Light (WoL) - I feel like this goes without saying, but I'm gonna say it anyway.• Custom/non in-game or crossover races.• People who god-mod themselves or use OOC knowledge to gain advantage IC. There is a line between OOC and IC. Do not cross it.• Lore-elitists. Sometimes, the lore has to be bent a bit in order to tell a fantastic story. I will try to stick as close as possible to it, but creative liberty should be taken into account as well within reason.------------------------------------------------------I would LOVE to RP with...• People that love to create long-term stories/friendships, both ICly and OOCly.• People who aren't afraid to bend the lore a little.• People that want RP friends.• People that want more than just "Slice of Life" RP. Got a character arc you want to do? LET'S DO IT.A little note to be aware of:
I understand that IRL things happen and that they come before RP, but please communicate with me. If you need to cancel plans because of something, tell me. If we're RP-ing on Discord, I don't expect replies every day, but if I am constantly left hanging for months on end with no communication, I will leave. It's disrespectful and I do not like having my time wasted and I will not be in a position where I have to remind somebody to reply or where it feels like getting a reply to an RP is like pulling teeth.
If you've read all that and are still interested, here is my Discord:

The Compendium

Thank you for your patience! The Compendium is now open!Ishgard • Mateus • Ward 5 • Plot 34The Compendium is an alchemy shop and library focused on the arcane arts!

Our Staff:

• Chisé Hinamori •

The shop owner and Alchemist, Chisé can brew just about anything you may need, from healing potions to brews that will give you that extra bit of strength you may need for a tough job!

• Remi LaBeau •

A Sharlayan-native who has mastered the art of white magic, and has a medical clinic inside the shop in the back rooms!

• Yrys Selnir •

While very hospitable and one is actually quite sure what role Yrys serves within The Compendium....

Elvant Suviere

(Elle • vaunt Soo • vee • air)

Chisé's tutor, and a powerful Summoner. He was visiting the Arcanist's Guild, his former school when he saw Chisé studying with the other students, henceforth deciding that he wanted her to be his apprentice. Elvant is a strict man, but is very kind and will always admit to his mistakes. He is gentle with Chisé after learning of her past and how hard it is for her to speak about her feelings. The two have a father/daughter relationship and his wife treats Chisé as though she were one of her own, since Elvant and his wife Atelle have decided to not have another child since their daughter, Elsionne, passed away.Elvant has a good reputation among the citizens in Ishgard due to his service in the Dragonsong War, and as such, has never directly witnessed the acts of hazing that Chisé has endured, as they are smart enough to not try anything while he is around for fear of being burnt to naught but ash for trying to harm his apprentice.