Chisé Hinamori

"Sometimes, the fires we set don't burn in the ways we expect."

Caution, the song may be loud. ♡

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At a Glance...

The fiery-headed AuRa woman seems to move with a rhythmic grace, even when there is not a sound to be heard. Her curves and lean figure suggest that of a technically trained dancer. When she speaks, her tone is often carrying a gentle warmth with a little bite of sass, and a light Thavnairian accent is present when saying certain words or phrases. The makeup she wears is more on the natural side, often opting for a simple gloss on her lips and a little bit of eyeliner to better define her eyes. The scent of Lilac and Rolanberries hangs around her, light and airy, but light enough to not be overwhelming. More often than not, there is a tall Vieran man in her presence with the blackest hair and clothing to match, pale skin, and alarmingly vibrant red eyes.

The Basics


Full Name: Chisé Yuko Hinamori
Nickname(s): "The Witch of Ishgard"
Age: 27 Summers
Nameday: 8th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon (5/8)
Birthplace: Yedlihmad, Thavnair
Gender & Pronouns: Female, She/Her
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Saturn Aurelius


- Sekimé Hinamori (Bio. Mother; Deceased)
- Arjun Singh (Bio. Father; Deceased)
Occupation: Student, Proprietress of The Compendium, Dancer
In-Game Class: SMN, ALC, SGE*
*Not canon as of yet.


- Determined
- Sassy
- Resourceful
- Mischevious
- Magic circle marking on top of left hand
- Curvy, lean figure
- Emerald eyes (often referred to as "seas of Emerald") that seem to glow in the dark and sparkle in the light
- Smells of Lilac and Rolanberry
- Pear-shaped body

General Likes/Dislikes

- Thunderstorms
- Adventuring
- Dancing/Music
- Shopping
- Animals/Chcobos
- Fruits (Apples especially)
- Candles
- Tight Spaces (Claustrophobia)
- Large, deep bodies of water (Can't swim)
- Being ignored/overlooked
- Airships (Aerophobia)
- Big, poofy dresses
- Being cold

If you'd like to read her full, more detailed backstory, click here

The Story We Know


Born to an apothecary and hunter in a settlement just outside of Yedlihmad, Chisé spent much of her early childhood assisting her parents with their merchant's stall, where herbal remedies and killed prey would help the family keep food on the table and the roof over their heads. When her father fell victim to a strange illness, he begged his daughter to go and see the world, and to not let her current circumstances leash her to Thavnair. After he passed, the relationship between Chisé and her mother became strained until one day, her mother took her own life in front of her daughter. Amidst her shock, Chisé left mere hours later, headed for Sharlayan, where she worked as a Gleaner and studied at The Studium in her spare time. Eventually, strange things started to happen around her; lights around her would dim, anything glass would explode, and random objects would be thrown great distances, often hitting the AuRa on its way. After confiding in one of her professors, she chose to head his advice and board a ship headed for Limsa Lominsa to study at the Arcanist's Guild.


During her time at the Arcanist's Guild, Chisé met her mentor, Elvant Suviere, a powerful Summoner known for his service to Ishgard in The Dragonsong War. On a particularly rough job out in The Shroud, a group of assassins targets the pair, and among them was a male Viera, doomed to follow the orders of the woman in charge. When ordered to execute Chisé, he faltered, turning on his mistress and killing her instead. The two worked together to rescue her master, and in turn, the Viera insisted upon forging a contract with Chisé, vowing to protect her until his final breath. After much thought on her part, she agrees, and the two become bound together, bearing the mark of a magic circle on the top of his right hand and her left.

With the newly reborn Yrys Selnir at her side, she and Elvant journied to Ishgard, where her alchemy shop, The Compendium was purchased and opened. While running her shop, she is also continuing her work with Elvant to master the art of Summoning, and to learn more about her mysterious condition, labelled The Echo across her findings. Her journeys across Eorzea have allowed her to meet new friends and increase her clientele.

Present Day...

As a way to break up the monotony of running her shop each day, Chisé has also been known to dance professionally for the many nighttime venues scattered across the Star, finding a home with two sister venues, Borealis and Celestial. Currently, she has assisted in the debut of Rush, a venue that rose from the love that was still held for the two venues before it.

What Makes Her Tick

If there's music playing, you may very well stumble upon Chisé dancing in the crowd! She'd likely think you brave or bold for approaching her and asking for a dance!
The Compendium/Ishgard
Chisé is the owner of her alchemy shop, The Compendium, located in Ishgard (Mateus, Empy, Ward 5, Plot 34). If you require a custom brew, feel free to stop by and inquire about your needs! Chisé's presence in Ishgard has been received coldly, and oftentimes, people will gossip or spread rumors about "The Witch of Ishgard".
Are you from Thavnair? You may have known the Hinamori family! Chisé is the spitting image of her mother, and could very easily be confused for her if one didn't know of Sekimé's fate. (Please ask me before using this approach.)
Gleaners/The Studium
Before departing for the Arcanist's Guild in Limsa Lominsa, Chisé worked as a Gleaner and studied at The Studium in Sharlayan. Were you among her peers?
The Mark
Atop her left hand, there resides a mark that looks like an arcane circle. If you are well-versed in soul-binding contracts, you may recognize this mark, though she may or may not be willing to tell you about it...
The Arcanist's Guild
If you studied at the Arcanist's Guild in Limsa Lominsa, you may have seen Chisé there, training with her fellow students before being plucked by her mentor, Elvant.

Trusted Contacts

Elvant Suviere (NPC)

Elvant Suviere
(Elle • Vaunt Soo • Vee • Air)
Age: 53 Summers
Occupation: Summoner/Mage, Chisé's tutor
Personality: Strict, compassionate, knowledgeable, stoic
Elvant Suviere is a well-known mage throughout Ishgard, known foremost for his service in ending the Dragonsong War. When not at work, he is a loving father to his wife, Atelle and daughter, Elsionne, he does a lot of work around researching arcane artifacts and investigating situations that could involve the arcane.On a visit to his alma-mater, the Arcanist's Guild, he observes magical sparring matches with the guild's new blood, and witnesses Chisé's battle with another student, where, although her magic seemed very unstable, her power could not be denied. After speaking with the Guildmaster, she agrees to let him meet her, where he took an instant liking to her. She was humble, recognized that she had a lot to learn, and that she was in dire need of a teacher. They'd met under the supervision by Thubyrgeim a few more times before he'd made the decision to ask her to become his apprentice. Chisé accepted his proposal, realizing that he could probably teach her magics the likes of which the Arcanist's Guild had never seen before. A week later, she said her final goodbyes and left the guild with Elvant. Now, the two travel together and he frequently visits The Compendium for magic lessons. Since his reputation in Ishgard is in good standing, he has never personally witnessed the acts of hazing that Chisé has gone through, but since the passing of his daughter Elsionne, Chisé became as close to another daughter as both he and his wife would ever get.

Yrys Selnir (NPC)

Yrys Selnir
(Ear • iss Sell • Near)
Age: 32 Summers
Occupation: Reaper, Chisé's Charge
Personality: Charming, elegant, polite, suave
(Inspiration/Voice: Sebastian Michaelis - "Black Butler")
Yrys is bound by a magical contract to protect his mistress, Chisé, at all costs. While not much is known about the nature of this agreement to most people outside of Chisé's clients and contracts, some customers (mostly females) often are overwhelmed by the Viera's charm, finding him "exotic". Yrys is always polite and manages to look elegant in nearly everything he does. The top of his right hand bears the same mark as the one on his mistress' left hand, the symbol a magic circle and known widely to those within the right - but niché - circles of arcane studies.In a combative setting, Chisé can imbue the blade of his scythe with elemental magicks.

Remili "Remi" LaBeau

Remili "Remi" LaBeau
(Rem • E La • Bo)
Age: 33 Summers
Occupation: Bard, White Mage
Personality: Flamboyant, charismatic, dramatic
(Inspiration/Voice: Jaskier - "The Witcher")
Nicknamed "The Golden Troubadour of Eorzea", Remi is more well-known for his performances at the city-states' taverns than his work as a White Mage. Chisé first became acquainted with him back in Sharlayan when they had shared some classes together at The Studium, but it had been years since the two had seen each other until Chisé got into a bar fight in Ul'Dah, protecting Remi before realizing that he had been her classmate. After catching up and reestablishing their friendship, he offered to join The Compendium staff as an on-site medic. The two have a big brother/little sister dynamic, and are very protective of the other, despite what people may think when seeing them interact. Remi's lecherous nature can sometimes land him in trouble, but there are fleeting moments where he does actually give good advice....though he very seldom follows it himself.

More to come...

The Mind Behind

Hi there!Thank you so much for taking the time to read about Chisé! If you're interested in RP-ing, feel free to shoot me a /Tell if you found me in-game or a message on Discord if you've seen me post her Carrd there!I also have other characters available! You can read about them here: https://meliverse.carrd.coA little about what I'm looking (and not looking) for:- Player is 25+ and would strongly prefer at least 21+ of the interested party.- I'm not interested in anything IRL other than friendship. If you like running content, I'm down to do so!- I will not RP with custom or non-in game races (NiER androids and Sin Eaters are also out. Sorry.)- Don't god-mod or use OOC knowledge to gain an advantage IC. That's no fun.- I don't really like roll-based combat systems. If we are in combat, I will react in a way that fits my character and her skill level.
- I don't mind slice of life, but if it's all that is happening, I find that it tends to get stale very quickly.
- Communication is KEY. I get that IRL stuff happens, so if you need to step away or put the RP on the backburner, please communicate that with me. If I get no communication for weeks on end, I will leave.- I typically prefer Discord RP for longer scenes, but I'm willing to try in-game RP. This being said, I don't expect a post every day, but if I'm waiting for weeks to get a single response, I will leave.- I don't mind a little lore-bending, but don't break it.- Either of us have the right to walk away from an RP at any point for any reason, whether it is disclosed or not.If you found me in-game, feel free to ask for my Discord if you're serious about setting up an RP!